[DIY] Making a shawl

As you can see, I'm making myself a shawl! I know some of you might think it's a bit old-fashioned, but I actually like it pretty much. I think it's a pretty cool way to design your own accessoires. The work isn't hard; I'm just making the shawl while I'm watching television or something like that. It's actually pretty relaxing! 

I found this lovely dark-yellow color of wool at cute little shop in the city. My mother said to me I had to go over there. I think it's a pretty cool and original color; I haven't seen many shawls with this color yet. Besides, the color matches perfectly with my brown hair.

I'll show you some pictures once I finished the shawl! I think it'll take a while, since I haven't got a lot of time to work on it. I'm only working on it a few days in a week and. I just wanted to show to you what I've made so far. I hope you like it :-)!

PS: Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures... Once again. I'm really trying to safe some money to buy myself a new camera. Has anyone got some good advice for me? What camera should I buy? At least I want it to be an SLR camera.

Enjoy your weekend!

With love,

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S zei

Thank you!

Linda zei

Wat gaaf, ik ben net aan het leren hoe ik moet breien :) Ik volg je trouwens. Heb je zin om me terug te volgen?

caise zei

wow! its so beautiful!

I have Nikon D60 and I like it

Nicole zei

Ik vind het knap als je zelf je sjaal kunt maken, helemaal leuk! Helaas heb ik zelf het geduld er niet voor haha!

Elke zei

Heel erg knap gemaakt! :D

Car Hendrix zei

Hi!Thanks for your comment!
I agree..let's follow each other! I'm just following you :)

Car Hendrix zei

Hi!Thanks for your comment!
I agree..let's follow each other! I'm just following you :)

Hanna zei

haha, breien. elke winter begin ik met goede moed aan een sjaal, maar nooit komt hij af... (':

Jan zei

Ik ben er ook ooit mee begonnen,
maar ben er nooit echt mee opgeschoten haha!

Tidbits of Addiction zei

wow, this shawl looks great. i wish i could knit. thanks for following, keep in touch!

helena zei

Super vet als je dat zelf kan!
Zou ik ook wel willen.

lucia m zei


ownyourstyle zei

Looks already great!