[OUTFIT] Go Green

Just another outfitpost today! At this moment, I actually feel a little sad about the fact I didn't take some pictures while it was snowing. In fact, I hate snow, but afterwards I felt sad I didn't take any pictures. I did take pictures last year, and those were really beautiful. Yeah, shame on me... It sounds pretty weird, I know ;-)! Anyway, it's just too late now. I'll just have to wait until next year. Or maybe next month, but I guess there won't be falling some more snow. 

Just a random outfit, which I wore today. I love to wear two blouses at the same time; it suits very comfortable and it gives a funny effect! At least I won't be cold during the winter-days :-)! I have to tell you there's nothing new in here; I've bought the clothing a long time ago. So, I actually haven't got an interesting story to tell about it, I'm sorry!

I'm not sure if I won't be posting anymore this week. I'm just so busy, it's making me crazy! I can't wait until it's holiday. All I want to do is just sleep - but I almost haven't even got time to do that, haha. It's killing me. But, holiday will start within' 1,5 week :-)!

With love,


[DIY] Making a shawl

As you can see, I'm making myself a shawl! I know some of you might think it's a bit old-fashioned, but I actually like it pretty much. I think it's a pretty cool way to design your own accessoires. The work isn't hard; I'm just making the shawl while I'm watching television or something like that. It's actually pretty relaxing! 

I found this lovely dark-yellow color of wool at cute little shop in the city. My mother said to me I had to go over there. I think it's a pretty cool and original color; I haven't seen many shawls with this color yet. Besides, the color matches perfectly with my brown hair.

I'll show you some pictures once I finished the shawl! I think it'll take a while, since I haven't got a lot of time to work on it. I'm only working on it a few days in a week and. I just wanted to show to you what I've made so far. I hope you like it :-)!

PS: Sorry for the bad quality of the pictures... Once again. I'm really trying to safe some money to buy myself a new camera. Has anyone got some good advice for me? What camera should I buy? At least I want it to be an SLR camera.

Enjoy your weekend!

With love,


[X] Random Pictures

Just some random pictures I made today, which I wanted to show you. I'm very excited about the spring, so I decided to photograph my jacket and my shawl wich I'll be wearing when spring arrives. My god, I can't wait until it's spring. I can't take this winter anymore; it's way too cold over here. I can't wait to feel the sun shining on my face! Winter just isn't my cup of tea. 

By the way, I've shown you these items before! I've posted pictures of the jacket and the shawl in this post and in this post - the 'this posts's' are clickable. Well, I told you before this shawl is easy to combine, right? Now I'll only have to be waiting for spring ;-).

With love,


[NEW IN] Spring Clothing

Blouse: WE | Trousers: WE | Shawl: Six | Ring: Six

I bought these things at the city lately and I wanted to show them to you. Just some items for the spring of 2012. I'm most excited about the trousers. I truly love it's color and it's fabric! I think it's very chic. And I think the stone of the ring has got a great color as well. About the shawl: I love it's print! I'm always in for some bird-prints; they go with anything. The orange-ish color isn't my favorite color, but I think this shawl is very easy to combine with some other clothing. And about the blouse: just a chic blouse, which I can wear with anything and whenever I want.

By the way, I want to say sorry that I haven't been posting a lot the past days. I'm just very busy with school, et cetera. I think it sucks, but I just can't do anything about it at the moment :-(. So: I'm sorry! I hope I'll have some more time soon, but I can't promise it to you.

With love,


[INSPIRATION] Random Pictures

Source: Tumblr & WeHeartIt

Just some random pictures which I liked and wanted to show you. There isn't really a thought behind it or something like that, I just found the pictures 'by accident'. I was bored, so I checked Tumblr and WeHeartIt, and tada: I found these pictures, haha ;-). Though, I did try to find pictures with sort of mellow colors. I didn't feel like posting pictures with such bright and shiny colors. 

Well, I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! And I hope I'll find some more time to post next week, but I'm actually still very busy with school, so I'm not sure if I've got many time yet. 

With love,


[NEW IN] Weekend-shopping

Blazer: Berschka | Red jacket: H&M | Oversized jumper: H&M | Shorts: H&M | Hats: H&M

Like I told you before, I went to town this weekend. I just bought a few things from H&M and a blazer from Berschka. Not such various shops, but that's because I didn't have many time to shop this weekend, since I had a testweek. Besides, the testweek - or at least the worst part of it; I've got a few tests next week as well... - is over now! I'm very happy about that! I hate testweeks; they are killing me, haha ;-)!

Well, most of the clothing, especially the hats and the jumper, are just winterclothing. They say it will be getting cold in The Netherlands next week, so I can definitely use them, haha! I'm most exited about the high waisted shorts. I've been looking for such shorts for a pretty long time. I'm sure I'll be wearing them very often; I'm actually wearing them at the moment as well :-)!

I want to wish you an amazing weekend! I'll be going to my boyfriend tonight, because he and his mother are celebrating their birthdays! Well, isn't that a good closure of a testweek ;-)?

With love,


[NEW IN] Jacket, Dress and Accessoires

Jacket | Printed dress | Ring | Headband | Earmuff, everything H&M

My new clothing from H&M arrived last week, and I've find some time to show you my new items! First of all, I have to tell you I'm sorry about the bad quality of the pictures. I think it's time to buy a new camera, since the one I'm using doesn't work that good anymore. Well, it's a bit weird, because sometimes the pictures look pretty fine and other times their quality suddenly is very bad. I don't know what to do about it. The bad thing is, I suck at saving money, so it'll probably take some time before I'll be able to buy a new camera...

Anyway, the clothing! I'm most excited about the jacket, since a regular leather(-look) jacket has been on my wishlist for a long time. The size says it's a jacket for children, but I think that isn't right, since it fits me perfectly. The "indian" printed dress reminds me of summer; it looks so happy and colorful! I'll probably be wearing it often when spring arrives. The earmuff is just nice to wear when it gets cold. And I think it looks pretty funny as well. And, last buy not least, the headband and the ring are the perfect example of my shopaddiction: I don't really need them at all, but I just felt like buying them. A funny fact about the ring is that I can wear it on my fingers and on my thumb!

PS: I would like to ask you to like/follow me on Facebook! At the moment, I barely use the StyleMakes-Sense Facebook-page, since I haven't got many followers yet. I think that's a shame! So, when I'll have some more followers, I'll probably use the Facebook-page more often!
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[OUTFIT] Blazers and Headbands

Just another basic look. It seems like I really prefer the basic style lately. I don't know the reason for it, I think it's just because this style looks fine anytime and anywhere. Besides, the blazer is one of my favorite pieces I own. It just goes with everything. I love the shoes as well, though they are a bit cold in January. So, I can't wait for spring to come, haha ;-)!

I have to tell you I probably won't post a lot next week, since I've got a testweek. I'll be studying the whole weekend and next week as well... Boring! But, I will show you my clothes from H&M, which arrived yesterday! And this weekend I will go to town, so I'll also show you the things I will buy over there. I'm not sure if I'll buy a lot, since I haven't got many time to go shopping all day long, but I'm sure I will at least buy a few things.

For now, have a nice weekend ;-)!

With love,


[INSPIRATION] Spring of 2012

Source: Tumblr

Just some random pictures which I wanted to show you. They inspire me for the spring: sunshine, summer-clothing. I can't wait until spring will finally be here! Spring just makes me happy, even when I only think of it! Since winter isn't my best friend, I'm just really excited for spring to be here! I know it's only January yet, but I don't care. Besides, there's already summer-clothing in every shop, so I thought there was enough reason to post this!

Well, we all love spring, right? At least I do. I've been looking forward to it for months!

With love,


[X] Random

51tcio on Make A Gif, Animated Gifs

Just some random pictures, because I didn't have much time to shoot a total outfit post, or somethin like that. I've got a testweek in coming, so I'll probably be pretty busy the coming weeks. But, I'll post sometimes anyway, don't worry about that! I just wanted to let you know these posts won't be very elaborate; it'll probably just be short posts. At least, I'll post something about my new clothing from H&M (the package will be delivered next week, so I'm really excited!). And I'll probably also post some pictures from Tumblr or other sites, which inspirate me. Further, I don't know what I'll exactly post about yet, but I might tell you about that later.

Anyway, how was your weekend? Tell me your stories: what have you been doing :-)?
I had to work on Saturday, and I went to a party in the evening. It was an amazing party; I've been dancing all night long, since there was this amazing drum and bass-music. Today, I'll just be chilling and I'll probably do some homework in the evening - just like a Sunday is supposed to be.

At least, I hope all of you had a nice weekend! I can't wait until the next one, haha ;-)!

With love,


[OUTFIT] Blazer it up

Blazer: H&M | Shirt: Vero moda | Skirt: Lady Sting | Heels: Shoenenreus | Watch: Icewatch | Ring: H&M

Wow, I look really tired at these pictures! Unfortunately I only found out a little bit late! Now I don't have time to make some new pictures anymore, sorry! Well, to tell you the truth: I actually am really tired. So, I'm glad it's weekend now! I only have to work tomorrow-morning, and after that I'll just be relaxing and doing nothing. Well, maybe a little bit of homework, since I've got a testweek within 1,5 week. Oh, it sucks. I just don't want to think about it. Oh, and I've also got a party on Saturday, which I'm really excited about.

Anyway, about my outfit: I really love this oversized blazer! It goes with e-ve-ry-thing, which is the biggest advantage of it. And this top is a new one, which I like - I'm always happier with new clothes than with older clothes... Yeah, I know it's weird. For the rest, this is just a very basic outfit. Just fine for a regular schoolday, to my opinion. And I like basic outfits anyway. They're just simple and chic.

Enjoy your weekend ;-)!

With love,


[NEW IN] Black wedges

Yeah yeah yeah, I've finally got a pair of them: black wedges! I already wanted to buy them for months, but all this time I couldn't find the right ones. Well, I actually did find some good pairs, but unfortunately I'm not able to pay €500 or more for a pair of shoes... I wish I could, hihi! But, I could affort these shoes from Dolcis :-)! I'm totally in love with them! They're just so simple and classy! Oh, how often I'll be wearing these shoes! I'll probably post an outfit-post with these shoes soon ;-)! 

Oh, by the way: on these pictures you see a lot of dust and some hairs. That's because of my camera; in real they don't look so bad. Well, there might be a little bit of dust and hair on them, but I guess it's impossible to have hairless su├Ęde-shoes when you've got pets...

With love,


[OUTFIT] Backpack and Biker Boots

Shirt: Hema | Mini skirt: Lady Sting | Socks: Market | Shoes: Urban Stiletto | Ring: H&M | Bag: vintage/ mom's

Just another outfit-post. It might be a bit of an boring outfit, but I just like the colour black and I also love this classy style. Though, my accessoires, the green ring and the biker boots, make it more happy! But, to my opinion, the most beautiful thing about this look is the bag. It's my  mothers bag - so it's a vintage one. Well, that's what I can tell you - it truly smells like old leather, haha :-)! 
I remember when I was younger, when my mother used to wear this bag almost everyday, I hated this bag. I thought is was really ugly and old-fashioned. But, about 8 years later, I now love this bag! I founded it by accident, while I was cleaning the room. My mother now never uses this bag anymore, which means I'm able to wear it anytime I want! 

With love,


[ART] Sketchbook, pencils and some drawings

I recently got this scretchbook and these pencils from my boyfriend's mother - yes I know, it's very, very sweet of her :-)! I love them, their quality is just so lovely. These oil pastels give me the possibility to make such beautiful drawings - not that I've got the best skills in the world (yet), but I just love to make drawings and to be creative. This wonderfull stuff makes me even more excited to start drawing! 

And, that's what I did! Here are just a few drawings. I know they aren't so very beautiful, but I just hope I will develop my skills in time. I just have to be patient. Unfortunately, I don't have so much time to do this. I am so very busy with school, et cetera... That just sucks!

Well, here are a few of my first drawings with these pencils and oil pastels. The second drawing is made in my new sketchbook!

With love,