[X] Happy 2012

I just wanted to wish everyone an amazing 2012! This post may not be really interesting, but I just felt like wishing you a happy new year :-)! Make it a special, amazing, exciting, beautiful and unforgettable year!

To me, 2012 will be an amazing year - well, at least I hope it will be. 2011 wasn't very interesting for me. It wasn't necessarily a bad year, but there just didn't happen much; it was a little boring (of course there were some exceptions, for example festivals, amazing parties, celebrating my 18th birthday and most the important one: meeting my boyfriend).

 In 2012, I hope to get my driver license (I've now already had about 20 driving lessons). I hope I will graduate from Highschool. I'll go to the University of Utrecht, to study 'communication- and information-knowlegde' (in Dutch: communicatie- en informatiewetenschappen). I'll probably get a room in Utrecht, together with my boyfriend. Utrecht is a  very lovely town, near Amsterdam; I'd love to spend my future-days over there :-). Actually, I can't wait to go to Utrecht, since I'm living in the most boring place on earth at the moment... Thanks to my parents... (not) :-(. I will travel to Rome and Budapest, with my friends and my boyfriend's family. Besides, I might travel to some other towns as well, to visit festivals (planned festivals: Dour, which in Belgium, and Lowlands, which is in the Netherlands).

Well, pretty much to look forward to, isn't it? I can't wait! I hope 2012 will be a more exciting year than 2011.

Well, enough about me for now. All there's left to say:

E N J O Y 2 0 1 2 ;-) ! 
And have a great time tonight! Party all night long, hihi ;-)!

With love,


[WISHLIST] Spring 2012

1 - Yellow sleeveless top, with loose knit side panels, H&M
2 - Yellow blazer, H&M
3 - Leather peep toe heels, ZARA
4 - Orange sleeveless dress, H&M
5 - Pink fuchsia clutch,
6 - Purple su├Ęde-look MC-jacket, H&M
7 - Red wide-cut pant 'Lissie', Monki
8 - Red 70ies inspired hat, SuperTrash
9 - High-waisted skinny jeans, H&M
10 - Dark-green bag with zipper, ZARA

I can't wait for the spring! These are a few of my favorit items for the spring of 2012. I definitely need to shop, haha ;-)! 
Which items do you prefer?

With love,


[NEW IN] Beige winter booties

As I promised you in the last post, I will show you my new shoes:

Oh, how I love them. They are so cute and so pretty! Besided, they are very warm and they fit me perfectly!
I bought them at Dolcis, which, to my opinion, is a wonderful shop. I've got many pairs of shoes from Dolcis.

With love,


[X] Merry Christmas!

Hello everyone!

I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas! Enjoy this weekend; have a lot of fun! Unfortunately there isn't a sign of winter in the Netherlands... Which means there won't be a white Christmas this year! But, whatever! I will still enjoy it!

I'll be celebrating Christmas with my family and my boyfriend tomorrow, but I'll talk to you soon!
I bought new shoes and new trousers today, which I will show you soon!

Picture from last year, when it was snowing!

With love,


[START] Back again

Hello there!

Well, as you can see: I deleted all of the other posts. The reason for that is because I'm going to re-start this blog!

Eva and I (in the past: decided to stop blogging together. No, we're not in a fight, don't worry! Eva just didn't have time to blog anymore, which is very sad.
But, I decided to continue the blog, with a new name: StyleMakes-Sense!

I hope you understand what has happened, and I hope you'll forgive Eva!

Well, enough about that. Let's just start all over again!

I hope you will still keep on following this blog; I would truly appreciate that!

I would like to ask you this:
Please follow the blog on Bloglovin' and Facebook (links: left border of the page)!
You'd do me a favour by following my blog.

With love,