[START] Back again

Hello there!

Well, as you can see: I deleted all of the other posts. The reason for that is because I'm going to re-start this blog!

Eva and I (in the past: decided to stop blogging together. No, we're not in a fight, don't worry! Eva just didn't have time to blog anymore, which is very sad.
But, I decided to continue the blog, with a new name: StyleMakes-Sense!

I hope you understand what has happened, and I hope you'll forgive Eva!

Well, enough about that. Let's just start all over again!

I hope you will still keep on following this blog; I would truly appreciate that!

I would like to ask you this:
Please follow the blog on Bloglovin' and Facebook (links: left border of the page)!
You'd do me a favour by following my blog.

With love,

2 opmerkingen:

Jan zei

Leuk dat je opnieuw begint!
Mooie kleur heeft die trui!

Cortnie Elizabeth zei

Cute sweater! Love the color of it.