[WISHLIST] Spring 2012

1 - Yellow sleeveless top, with loose knit side panels, H&M
2 - Yellow blazer, H&M
3 - Leather peep toe heels, ZARA
4 - Orange sleeveless dress, H&M
5 - Pink fuchsia clutch,
6 - Purple suède-look MC-jacket, H&M
7 - Red wide-cut pant 'Lissie', Monki
8 - Red 70ies inspired hat, SuperTrash
9 - High-waisted skinny jeans, H&M
10 - Dark-green bag with zipper, ZARA

I can't wait for the spring! These are a few of my favorit items for the spring of 2012. I definitely need to shop, haha ;-)! 
Which items do you prefer?

With love,

6 opmerkingen:

Jan zei

Oh gosh,
als ik lijst zou moeten maken zou die echt enorm worden vrees ik!

&Oooh ok, ik kende je blog nog niet dus ik wist ook niet dat je eerst met iemand samen een blog had (:

Kiira zei

I really like number 4, the H&M dress! I think I'm going to buy it too ;)

Toni Richie zei

The orange dress and the purple jacket (both of H&M) are stunning! Nice wishlist

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Happy new year;
Toni R.
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Eline zei

Oooh ik kijk al zo hard uit naar de lente!

x Eline - On high heels you're closer to the sky

Jazzy E (Hivenn) zei

So cute. Happy (early) new year. x hivennn

BTL zei

I like all of the things you've picked out except for the yellow pieces. yellow just isn't my color. haha

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