[NEW IN] Beige winter booties

As I promised you in the last post, I will show you my new shoes:

Oh, how I love them. They are so cute and so pretty! Besided, they are very warm and they fit me perfectly!
I bought them at Dolcis, which, to my opinion, is a wonderful shop. I've got many pairs of shoes from Dolcis.

With love,

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Cylia zei

wat een leuke schoentjes:)!! PS. Kerst is over, maar ik wil je nog steeds een cadeau geven.. Doe mee met mijn ‘Mystery fashion goodiebag’ giveaway met Monki, Pull & Bear goodies en meer!

Daniela zei

thanks for your comment!
i follow you too!

Elegantesque zei

nice boots !


Elegantesque Blog 

if you want we can follow each other on bloglovin and like each other facebook page

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yvonne zei

Nice shoes :)
and a wunderful Blog ! (:

Follown? :)

J╬▒nni zei

Oh, your blog is also so good!
I'm following you now. :)
follow back?


Elegantesque zei

Nice boots !


Elegantesque Blog 

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Anoniem zei

Ik vind ze echt super leuk! :D

Ik houd trouwens een give-away, doe je mee? :)

Hanna zei

ze zijn zo superleuk! lekker warm ook, zo te zien (:
dankjewel voor je leuke reactie! ik volg je vanaf nu, xx

Summerlovee zei

Dankjewel voor je lieve reactie! Ik heb een erg leuke/gezellige kerst gehad! Dankje (: en jij?

Wat een super leuke schoentjes!

Anoniem zei

hello, your blog is awesome! I like the pictures!
I invite you to come into mine, and if you like follow me! :)

Kiira zei

Nice boots ! Love your blog, followed :)! If you like mine, follow too :)?

Yvonne zei

Super leuke schoentjes!

Donna zei

Those boots look perfect! I need a pair like those in my life.

Come visit my blog if you get a chance :)

Ivy it is zei

Thank u so much cutie!

lisz zei

nice boots :)

Anna C zei

Beautiful boots!
Kisses darling

Lara Rose zei

Great booties

Song- Thanh zei

Leuke laarsjes!

Anita zei

They look so cute!

Donna zei

Thanks for checking out my blog, and sure we can follow eachother! I'm following you now :)

Lara Rose zei

Dankje! Dat is erg aardig van je! Tuurlijk kunnen we elkaar volgen

Annie zei

Ooohh those booties are SO cute!

The Other Side of Gray

'E, zei

ze zijn echt leuk! x

Summerlovee zei

dankjewel voor je lieve reactie! ben er ook eeerg blij mee (:

Mooizo! haha.


the goldfish girl zei

these boots are to die for!!

YourFashion zei

like this shoes :-)



Axelle zei

OMG THEY ARE SO CUTE ! love them :D

Disturbed Style zei

Great shoes! I love it :)

the goldfish girl zei

now I m following you!!

Rhe Beep zei

Super cute boots!


Antonella C'est moi zei

I like your blog...thanks for the sharing..follow me on my blog from google friends,and i so happy follow u...kiss kiss from italy
A_C`est moi

Donna zei

Ok I tried again, can you see me on the list yet? :)

Sofie zei

they are adorable! love them so much (: ♥