[ART] Sketchbook, pencils and some drawings

I recently got this scretchbook and these pencils from my boyfriend's mother - yes I know, it's very, very sweet of her :-)! I love them, their quality is just so lovely. These oil pastels give me the possibility to make such beautiful drawings - not that I've got the best skills in the world (yet), but I just love to make drawings and to be creative. This wonderfull stuff makes me even more excited to start drawing! 

And, that's what I did! Here are just a few drawings. I know they aren't so very beautiful, but I just hope I will develop my skills in time. I just have to be patient. Unfortunately, I don't have so much time to do this. I am so very busy with school, et cetera... That just sucks!

Well, here are a few of my first drawings with these pencils and oil pastels. The second drawing is made in my new sketchbook!

With love,

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Hanna zei

ik heb nu zin om te tekenen haha (:

BTL zei

I can see the potential! Good luck!

Matthew Lima zei

hey! your drawing's are not bad, keep up the good work!

if you want any inspiration check out my sister's blog.

she just started a artist blog.

xcharr zei

mooie tekeningen!x

Hanna zei

of ik kan tekenen, dat moet je zelf even beoordelen! helemaal op het begin van mijn blog heb ik erover gepost... hier is de link!

Sarah Stright zei

I have about 5 sketchbooks just waiting to be filled. I think I need inspiration! I'm loving your blog. I'm a new follower :)

Little Miss Mirage zei

Everything has a beginning! As long as you enjoy drawing and not forcing yourself to bring the pencil onto paper, it'll come naturally!

Your drawings are adorable!

Happy Drawing!

Susann zei

You're really talented!

Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog! I'm sure following and would be honoured if you did the same :)
xx, Susann

madeleine zei

you really have a lot of talent! i really like your sketches. //dariadaria

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Gabriela Poletti zei

I need to buy the same jajaja

Billì zei

Thanks for the comment! Also your blog is very nice, i like it,follow each other?

MO. zei

oh, fine :)


hi! thx for ur comment, hope u follow me ;)
cool sketches!
kisses from Spain,