[NEW IN] Weekend-shopping

Blazer: Berschka | Red jacket: H&M | Oversized jumper: H&M | Shorts: H&M | Hats: H&M

Like I told you before, I went to town this weekend. I just bought a few things from H&M and a blazer from Berschka. Not such various shops, but that's because I didn't have many time to shop this weekend, since I had a testweek. Besides, the testweek - or at least the worst part of it; I've got a few tests next week as well... - is over now! I'm very happy about that! I hate testweeks; they are killing me, haha ;-)!

Well, most of the clothing, especially the hats and the jumper, are just winterclothing. They say it will be getting cold in The Netherlands next week, so I can definitely use them, haha! I'm most exited about the high waisted shorts. I've been looking for such shorts for a pretty long time. I'm sure I'll be wearing them very often; I'm actually wearing them at the moment as well :-)!

I want to wish you an amazing weekend! I'll be going to my boyfriend tonight, because he and his mother are celebrating their birthdays! Well, isn't that a good closure of a testweek ;-)?

With love,

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Hanna zei

hee ik ga binnenkort ook weer naar de stad, ik zal zelf ook even kijken voor de highwastedshorts, want die zoek ik ook al tijden! (:

caise zei

nice sweater

Ana Carneiro zei

It's been drizzling this last couple of days and I've been craving for yet some more hats!

minnja zei

Great blog and I'm your newest follower.
If you like, follow me back. It would make me very happy ;)


Jan zei

Ah die jumper ziet er erg leuk uit!

Dena zei

I love the dark grey sweater!Great purchaces!
Style LimeLight

DailyGlamour zei

nice stuff !

Sunkissed zei

I love those hats!
I'm following you right away, if you do get the chance give me a look at