[OUTFIT] Backpack and Biker Boots

Shirt: Hema | Mini skirt: Lady Sting | Socks: Market | Shoes: Urban Stiletto | Ring: H&M | Bag: vintage/ mom's

Just another outfit-post. It might be a bit of an boring outfit, but I just like the colour black and I also love this classy style. Though, my accessoires, the green ring and the biker boots, make it more happy! But, to my opinion, the most beautiful thing about this look is the bag. It's my  mothers bag - so it's a vintage one. Well, that's what I can tell you - it truly smells like old leather, haha :-)! 
I remember when I was younger, when my mother used to wear this bag almost everyday, I hated this bag. I thought is was really ugly and old-fashioned. But, about 8 years later, I now love this bag! I founded it by accident, while I was cleaning the room. My mother now never uses this bag anymore, which means I'm able to wear it anytime I want! 

With love,

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Melanie zei

leuke blog
ik volg je nu, wil je mij ook volgen?

Anoniem zei

following love your stile

xoxo Kellz* zei

u look adorable:)

Arianne zei

Love your style! It's like really chic and girly :)
I'm following you now! By the way, love the bag :D
Much love from
xo -A

Rocker Chic zei


You look gorgeous in all black. I absoulutely love it and your backpack is cute.

Jo Bao zei

Awww, you're so cute <3 I love your boots and how I can see the plaid design, neat style :) and I really do think you look lovely in black.

Jo Bao ♥

xcharr zei


Hanna zei

leuk gecombineerd met die schoenen!
dankjewel voor je superlieve reactie op mijn tekeningen (:


Thank you so much for your comment, I'm following, follow mine


Ingrid zei

Hey! Thanks for stopping by :) We can follow each other if you want, follow me, I'll follow back right away

xx Ingrid

Mr. Taylor and his Lady zei

you are so adorable girl. i'm kind of obsessing over those boots!
and that bag is definitely rockin'. love!
xo TJ

BTL zei

the backpack and boots look great!

jhilmilbeauty zei

Your blog is so attractive and unique. I always appreciate novel ideas as you have projected in your blog. Count me as a new follower.

helena zei

Je rugzakje is echt leuk! Wil ik ook! Haha

madeleine zei

that backpack is so rad!! //dariadaria

Oyin Ola zei

lovely pic

Katie zei

those boots are adorable!

Katie x

Jan zei

Leuke backpack!

Marijke zei

Leuke rugzak!

mina zei