[INSPIRATION] Random Pictures

Source: Tumblr & WeHeartIt

Just some random pictures which I liked and wanted to show you. There isn't really a thought behind it or something like that, I just found the pictures 'by accident'. I was bored, so I checked Tumblr and WeHeartIt, and tada: I found these pictures, haha ;-). Though, I did try to find pictures with sort of mellow colors. I didn't feel like posting pictures with such bright and shiny colors. 

Well, I hope you guys had an amazing weekend! And I hope I'll find some more time to post next week, but I'm actually still very busy with school, so I'm not sure if I've got many time yet. 

With love,

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Preity Lama Tamang zei

Love ur amazing inspirations. Im so in love with the fishtail braids.

Ana Carneiro zei

The black sandals are beautiful!

WOLF359 zei

Amazing pictures dear! They're all so very inspiring!

Sandra zei

The shoes look amazing!

Lisa zei

Love this!

Linda zei

Wat een leuke inspiratie foto's!

Lara zei

Great! I love all the photos!

Hanna zei

die visgraatvlecht is awesomee!

Helena C. zei

Lovely inspiration!

'E, zei

de heels zijn heel mooi! xx

francisca paulos zei

thanks hun :) lovely pics! xx

Barbara Scarlett Brayovic zei

i love finding amazing photos! the first photo makes me wish i never cut my hair!!!

Jo Bao zei

Owl!! It's so cute, I love them :) but I don't know why my boyfriend is so afraid of them.

Jo Bao ♥

DailyGlamour zei


^_^ wReY and R0bbY zei

I really wanted to know how to do the fish tail braid & i found an online tutorial on youtube about it so hopefully i can try it one of these days! ^_^

by the way, we think your blog is interestingly nice. Please visit ours as well and hopefully we can follow each other! ϡ

Thank you!ヅ

Jan zei

Zitten supermooie foto's tussen!

Десислава Валентинова zei

cool shots :))


Glowfromtheinsideout zei

Wow, those high heels are gorgeous!!